Grave Guard with Wight King Purple

Preparing for Legions of Nagash – painting progress

I’m excited about the forthcoming Battletome: Legions of Nagash!

We know that it will cover 6 allegiances, with 4 completely new ones called the Grand Host of Nagash, Legion of Blood, Legion of Sacrament and Legion of Shadows.

These overall force names seem much better than the generic sounding Deathrattle for example, and will hopefully enable us to build a thematic force without having to cross numerous mini-factions as in the current structure:

Warhammer Community: …each allegiance, while using a mixed pool of Death units, will feature its own unique in-game mechanics and abilities.

It’s also great to be getting further insight into the Realm of Death (Shyish):

…inside, you’ll find your guide to the realm of Shyish and what everyday life is like for the denizens of Nagash’s kingdoms…

In anticipation, I’ve been getting a good bit of painting done in recent weeks –

Grave Guard Unit

I really like how these Grave Guard have turned out. I’ve given them Great Wight Blades for a slightly better to wound roll, and also for aesthetic reasons! Might return to try a design on the banner once I’ve got the new tome.

Grave Guard Single

I added some unifying purple to my Cairn Wraith by doing lots of thin layers of Druchii Violet over the usual weapon colours (Incubi Darkness, Thunderhawk Blue, Fenrisian Grey).

Cairn Wraith Woods

Much quicker to finish, yet far more numerous (I have 39 more for 2 x 20 with swords/spears), this is a test of my scheme on a Skeleton Warrior.

Skeleton Test MiniCheers.

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