Sprue 1 Lord-Magnate of Barak-Nar

Overlords Update

Just a quick update today on how I am doing with my Overlords, which is slowly… very slowly. I have been preoccupied lately with challenging myself to play the Witcher series from start to finish and, for those of you that have played any of these games, you will understand that this has taken up ALOT of my time. So today I shall show you something I have previously painted,  my Arkanaut Admiral, and something I am looking forward to.

Arkanaut Admiral Barak-Nar

This little fella was a bit of a jimmy up as I somehow misplaced his head whilst cutting out the pieces. As mentioned before, this head was an alternative for one of the Endrinriggers and only took a slight amount of sorting out to sit correctly. Overall I’m pretty stoked with the outcome. I realise now that I have not stuck to my word and completed his base. This is part laziness and part deciding to wait to complete them all together to ensure consistency seeing as, no matter my intentions, I have no idea how much time will pass between complete models.

Also, I purchased this guy recently…

I am so incredibly excited to build him. I am trying my hardest to work on the Gunhauler, though I am struggling a little with an interesting mixture of procrastination and pedanticness. Once that is complete I can move on to Brokk. I adore this model, with two small sprues it looks reasonably easy to build. Although he is a pretty decent model in terms of game play, this was another purchase based mainly on looks, my favourite feature on him being that dapper looking hat, beard and “monocle” combo. Rest assured I will be far more careful this time.



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