Thanks for following along with my orange style Ironjawz project. Thanks too for all the great content from so many blogs and forum threads that I’ve been able to read over the past few weeks – been inspired. Really helped me to commit to working on these at weekends and in some spare evening time so as to actually finish a force. Was never aiming for perfection or a super clean style, but I’m very happy with their look and striking orange on the table top.

I do want to think about theming and naming them properly now that they’re done, but I’m going to take some time with ideas.

Purchased: Thunderfist Battleforce + Megaboss on Maw-krusha + Warchanter

Project time: 27th December 2016 – 2nd February 2017 (an extra week off after Christmas was key to getting in solid painting time on the Maw-krusha especially)

Total points: 1460 with an Ironfist Battalion (not including the Gargant/Giant which I can’t legitimately use in Matched Play at the moment)