Terrorgheist Scream

Painting progress – Black Knights, Terrorgheist & more

Here’s a little update of what I’m currently working on! With the end of February fast approaching, one or more of these is likely to be for Azazel’s ‘finish a legal unit’ March challenge. That’s some good motivation.

Black Knights:

I’ve blocked in quite a few base colours on the Black Knights, leaving the metallic areas, belts, lances, and reins to do. These will be up next using Leadbelcher, Retributor Armour, Rhinox Hide, and Nihilakh Oxide (to give the reins a spectral look, given that I couldn’t seem to get them to glue to the saddles properly). After that, I can start to do highlights and washes.


Here’s the Terrorgheist I built last year sometime. I wanted to be able to use it as either a Zombie Dragon or Terrorgheist, so I found this short instructional post on Dice Be Damned. Doesn’t even need magnets to swap the beast’s head. Because of the dimensions of the Zombie Dragon part, it does mean you can’t build the lower profile version of the model, but I actually prefer the rearing Terrorgheist look. I added a sign from the Giant kit to add stability to the right wing, and also because it looked cool!

Sepulchral Guard:

These models look amazing. They were also incredibly easy to put together. The photos don’t do them justice – I think it’s the off-yellow plastic on the white background. They are my main Shadespire Warband and constitute extra flavour for my other skeletal units.

Skeleton Warrior Bone Progress

Skeleton Warriors:

I started painting these Skeleton Warriors as part of my last batch. The bone is essentially complete, just needing a quick revisit after everything else is finished.




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