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Book Review: Lord of Undeath (Spoilers)

Lord of Undeath by C L Werner (2016) It's been a while since I sat down to read a full novel - Warhammer related, or otherwise. But I had a lot of questions about the nature of the Death faction and... Continue Reading →

The Wardens Encarmine: Chief Librarian Narin Trul

I'm never quite sure of what to do with 40k narratives, but after checking some forums, I put this shell of a theme together alongside my first painted HQ - the great Blood Angels Terminator Librarian model. Here he is in some Sylvaneth Wyldwoods that... Continue Reading →

Next project?

Currently thinking about what to paint next. I figured a good way to narrow this down would be to write-think a little about where I’m at with different parts of my Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 collection. Age of... Continue Reading →

Ironjawz completed force

Thanks for following along with my orange style Ironjawz project. Thanks too for all the great content from so many blogs and forum threads that I've been able to read over the past few weeks - been inspired. Really helped me to commit... Continue Reading →

Ironjawz progress: Brutes

The Ironjawz Brutes have arrived. These are excellent models with some great details and nice recesses/ridges which make them pretty forgiving to paint! I've been particularly inspired over the last couple of days to get more painting done. A main reason: subscribing to... Continue Reading →

Thousand Sons progress: Exalted Sorcerer

Here's my attempt at an Exalted Sorcerer. This character marks my first Marine painted for a fair while, and my first completed Thousand Sons model. I'd had the base colours down a number of weeks ago, and just decided to finish it off on... Continue Reading →

Ironjawz progress: Warchanter

It was kind of nice to go back to painting a single model after doing my Gore-gruntas as a batch. I probably should've done them as individuals! Anyway, here is the more or less finished Warchanter (thanks to Nacho's Warhammer... Continue Reading →

Death: New project

I'm still committed to painting my Ironjawz first - the Warchanter has orange base layers down - but I've decided to begin a Death army as well. Always liked the dark theme and style of the Vampire Counts range! Of the options in Age of Sigmar, though, I think Deathrattle... Continue Reading →

Ironjawz progress: Gore-gruntas

Been working on the Gore-gruntas! Except for the bases and a few little things to fix/neaten, I think I'm pretty happy with these. They took longer than expected, partly because I kept finding extra details or small items tucked away on the models. The... Continue Reading →

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