Mortach Mount Side

Mannfred, Mortach of Night – WIP

I’ve been working on my Mortach’s mount over the last couple of days.

I’m pleased with how its turned out, although looking forward to see how this all works combined with a finished Mannfred soon.

In addition to him, Neferata, Arkhan and their respective mount features are magnetised to allow me to change the rider easily. I’ve left the beast’s armour panels loose, but they clip in really well.

Mortach Mount 1

Because I wanted to use the same mount for all of the different rider options, as well as fit the paint scheme for the rest of the force more closely, I painted the creature in standard skeletal style.

Mortach Mount 3

I decided to paint Mannfred first – here he is in a very rough early layers stage. I’ve done a bit more work on him blocking in the main colours since taking this photo, but I’m hesitating over how to paint his weapons and cloak given I don’t want to overuse the main ethereal colour.

Mannfred Early WIP

On a final note, I’m not too worried about the Death warscroll leaks swirling around as it’s impossible to consider them, if these are legitimate, out of their larger context.


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