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Project Paints

Here I will keep track of all the paints I use for each completed project. I use paints from Games Workshop’s Citadel range.


Blood Angels*

* Thinned down as needed with Lahmian Medium preferred.

Prime Black

Armour: Khorne Red x 2 (Vehicles x 3 – 5) / Nuln Oil / Mephiston (Edge)  / Wild Rider Red (Edge)

Abaddon Black  / Dawnstone Grey (Edge) / Administratum Grey (Edge)

Silver Metal: Leadbelcher / Nuln Oil / Stormhost Silver

Bronze: Runelord Brass ( x 2 for Sanguinary Guard) / Agrax Earthshade / Stormhost Silver

Eyes: White Scar (Washed) / Warpstone Glow / Moot Green (Dot) / Nuln Oil

Parchment etc: Zandri Dust / Ushabti Bone / Agrax Earthshade / Screaming Skull (Edge)

White: Eshin Grey / Dawnstone Grey / Administratum Grey x 2 / Ulthuan Grey x 2 / Agrax Earthshade / Ulthuan Grey (Edge) / White Scar (Edge)

Librarius: Macragge Blue x 2 / Nuln Oil  / Calgar Blue (Edge) / Fenrisian Grey (Edge) / Guillman Blue (Blend) / Nuln Oil (Blend)

Skin: Bugman’s Glow / Cadian Fleshtone / Agrax Earthshade / Kislev Flesh (Raised) / Nuln Oil / Pallid Wych Flesh (Edge)

Bases: Elysian Green / Ogryn Camoshade (Dry) / Eshin Grey (Dry) / Administratum Grey (Dry) / Longbeard Grey (Dry) / Nurgles Rot x 2 / Typhus Corrosion (Dry)


Orruk Ironjawz Paints*

*Lahmian Medium can be substituted for water and it still works ok (I did this for the 10 Brutes). I’m not entirely sure of the difference between water vs. Lahmian, but I kind of started using it heavily so it’s become my to go when available. Drybrushing was used on the armour for the Brutes and Gore-gruntas instead of trying to do edge highlighting (still worked ok I think).

Prime Mechanicus Standard Grey

Black Armour: Abaddon Black & Lahmian Medium / Russ Grey (Edge) / Fenrisian Grey (Edge) / Nuln Oil

Orange Armour:  Trollslayer Orange & Lahmian  x 3 / Cassandora Yellow & Lahmian x 2 / Reikland Fleshshade & Lahmian  x 2 / Nuln Oil (Darkest) / Trollslayer Orange (Edge) / Fire Dragon Bright (Edge) / White Scar (Edge) / Fire Dragon Bright (Touch) / Reikland Fleshshade (Touch)

Green Skin: Waagh Flesh (Good Cover) / Athonian Camoshade (and Lahmian) / Elysian Green / Ogryn Camo / Agrax Earthshade

Scales / Fur of Maw-krusha / Gore-gruntas: Dawnstone & Lahmian / Athonian Camoshade / Pallid Wych & Lahmian (many thin coats) / Ulthuan Grey / White Scar / Nuln Oil

Flesh of Maw-krusha / Gore-gruntas: Baneblade & Lahmian / Reikland & Lahmian / Flayed One Flesh & Lahmian (many thin coats) / White Scar / Nuln Oil

Leather: Rhinox Hide & Lahmian / Gorthor Brown / Agrax Earthshade / Baneblade Brown (Edge)

Bone & Teeth: Zandri & Lahmian x 2 / Ushabti & Lahmian / Agrax & Lahmian  / Gauss Blaster Green (Sometimes) / White Scar

Cloth: Russ Grey & Lahmian Medium / Fenrisian (Edge) / Etherium (Dry)

Metal: Leadbelcher / Agrax Earthshade / Runefang Steel

Black Nails: Abaddon Black / Administratum Grey (Edge)

Tongue: Khorne Red & Lahmian  / Mephiston Red / Screamer Pink / Nuln Oil

Eyes: Khorne Red & Lahmian /  Mephiston Red / Fire Dragon Bright (Dot) / Nuln Oil

Giant Skin: Bugman’s Glow & Lahmian Medium x 2 / Reikland Fleshshade & Lahmian x 2 / Carroburg Crimson & Lahmian / Cadian Fleshtone / Kislev Flesh / Agrax Earthshade

Magical Effects: Warpstone Glow & Lahmian Medium / Sybarite Green & Lahmian / Gause Blaster Green & Lahmian / Coelia & Lahmian / Gause Blaster Green (Dry) / Sybarite Green (Dry) / Athonian Camoshade & Lahmian / Lamenter’s Yellow & Lahmian

Basing: Vallejo Black Lava / Daemonette Hide / Agrax Earthshade / Warpfiend Grey / Valhallan Blizzard / Etherium Blue / Abaddon Black





Khorne Bloodbound

Stormcast Eternals

Thousand Sons


4 thoughts on “Project Paints

  1. Lahmian Medium dilutes the paint without a loss of consistency or pigment. I took far too many years to come around to the concept but now glory hallelujah, I will never again paint without it or another brand’s equivalent. (I use Vallejo because I like dropper bottles and got a job lot of their paints as a prize once.)


    1. Ah, cheers for the clarification. I’d picked it up watching some Duncan tutorials last year, but wasn’t exactly sure of its effects. Good to know. I really need to pick a few more pots up before I get back to painting my next project

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lahmian Medium is essentially the Citadel acrylic paint medium without pigment. It’s very good and I use it myself, though there are also other alternatives:
    Windex in a dropper bottle (yes, really – though I use the Ammonia-free version)
    Artists’s Acrylic Matte/Satin/Gloss Medium from Art Supply stores. Liquitex is a great brand.
    Other “hobby” ranges like Vallejo, Warcolors, etc.
    Your own mixes in a dropper bottle. One I use is 50% distilled water (from the supermarket), 30% Liquitex Flow Aid (from Art Supplies), 10% Drying Retarder (Art Supplies), 10% Liquitex Matte Medium (Art Supplies).

    Which one I use depends on what I’m doing and how important it is as well as “feel”. Important stuff gets the Lahmian (because it’s so expensive, relative to all the others) while relatively unimportant stuff like thinning a wash for a base gets Windex.

    General rule of thumb is something that you can get from a Hardware store will be much cheaper than something you can get from an Art Supply store will be much cheaper than what you can get from a Model Railway store will be much cheaper than what you can get from a GW store. Sometimes the more expensive option is worthwhile, sometimes not, and sometimes it’s worth having several of the options. If you use a lot of Lahmian medium, definitely look into Artist’s Acrylic mediums. It’s not quite the same and in my opinion not a 100% replacement because it can “feel” different, but very much another worthwhile arrow to your painting bow.

    Liked by 1 person

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