Here is the Sanguinary Priest and Sanguinary Guard Ancient. I used a few layers of Soulstone Red and chucked in some Lamenter’s Yellow Glaze to try and give the chalice contents an interesting finish.

*Just a note – I’m having some difficulties getting the lighting right.

And here is the Chaplain. He’s great as a test model for my Death Company as well, but I really try to avoid painting black – tough to edge highlight (I don’t even know what to do with my Deathwatch models).

Still, I’m happy with the look of these models and don’t want to spend too long on each one.

My goal now is painting up a decent force selection for the Wardens within the next few weeks. That means finishing off the following soon, all of which have base layers of Khorne Red and Leadbelcher:

  • 5 Devastators
  • 10 Tactical Marines (2 x 5)
  • Vindicator & Predator

I’m pleased to break down the larger project into a good-sized chunk, and look forward to having a nice painted group.