I’m never quite sure of what to do with 40k narratives, but after checking some forums, I put this shell of a theme together alongside my first painted HQ – the great Blood Angels Terminator Librarian model.

Here he is in some Sylvaneth Wyldwoods that I just finished painting for my Death vs. Sylvaneth (Nacho) game on Friday.

Anyway, advice appreciated if I’ve missed anything important : )

Chief Librarian Narin TrulActing Chapter Master of The Wardens Encarmine

The Wardens Encarmine Successor Chapter

Parent Chapter: Blood Angels

Founding: 23rd Founding, M38

Iconography: Blood Angels

Colours: Red & Black

Codex Astartes Compliance: Faithful

Normal task-force: Battle Demi-Company

Notes: Over-reliance on Librarius

Chapter Strength: 60% – Recovery temporarily halted (under investigation – Ordo Hereticus)

Greatest Foe: Eldar