Here’s my attempt at an Exalted Sorcerer. This character marks my first Marine painted for a fair while, and my first completed Thousand Sons model. I’d had the base colours down a number of weeks ago, and just decided to finish it off on a spare evening.

I found it pretty tough to paint, especially amongst my Ironjawz painting schedule, where I’m able to get away with a bit of a rougher style at times.

He arrived in the Exalted Sorcerers kit in December, alongside Traitor Legions, a box of Rubric Marines, and Scarab Occult Terminators (still shamefully not primed). They’re all truly great models though – really top quality, barely anything to clean, super sharp details.

My thinking with Thousand Sons was that I fancied doing something with Chaos (but wanted to use newer models), plus they’re the natural enemies of Nacho’s Space Wolves. I’ve not had much chance to play with them though, or to really think much about expanding the small force – which is actually about 1000pts if I wanted it to be given the elite nature of the models.

I think I’m just enjoying playing Age of Sigmar more at the moment, and haven’t really been feeling like playing 40k.