Some of my collection

Thought I would start off with some of my favourite models that I’ve worked on/am working on. Not the best painter in the world, but I aim for tabletop eye-catching.

Ironjawz: A combination of recently acquired Age of Sigmar (AoS) excitement, plus a bit of extra holiday time, allowed me to paint some Ironjawz more quickly than I usually would. These are my main focus at the moment. In addition to the pictures above, a Giant, 3 Gore-gruntas and a Warchanter are work in progress. Then I have 10 Brutes, and a few things to tidy up, before basing. I’ll be going for dark/grey earth, with patches of snow, for them.

Eldar: The Autarch here is my other Eldar HQ alongside a Farseer. I’ve finished the base yellow colours and some washes on them both, as well as on a Wraithlord, 5 Wraithblades, 10 Guardians, and the helmets of 5 Dire Avengers. But it’s been a while since I painted or continued with any of these.

Sons of Horus: I quite like my Sons of Horus Contemptor which was part of a very small excursion into Horus Heresy a year or so ago. However, I went a bit overboard with the Typhus Corrosion and possibly Ryza Rust, so it seems a bit dusty. Also, the experiment with pure Agrellan Earth left the base (which is battered anyway) a bit plain I think. So it needs some attention.

Thanks Nacho’s Warhammer Story for helping with the pictures. I’m still trying to figure a lot of things out about all of this!

9 thoughts on “Some of my collection

  1. I’m quite taken with that Contemptor. Perhaps you went overboard, but it has a delighfully reliquary quality to it: something ancient and ill-maintained and still more dangerous than anything else in the room.

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