Hi! Welcome to my NZ based blog about various things Warhammer hobby related.

My Warhammer journey began with High Elves, Lord of the Rings, then Bretonnians and Space Wolves in 2005/2006. The former models are back in the UK (where I’m from), while most of the Space Wolves were stripped and/or combined with new parts for my partner’s army (see Nacho’s Warhammer Story) in some form.

After an extended hobby break until 2014, I tried out small forces of Chaos, Dwarves, Empire, Lizardmen, Skaven and Wood Elves. With money a bit tight, I bought and sold these fantasy forces (at a loss), deciding to move onto Warhammer 40k later. A little afterwards, of course, we had The End Times for fantasy and the emergence of Age of Sigmar (AoS).

Proceeding to 40k, I began again with the starter Dark Angels, before selling these and trying out the Eldar (1500 points) and Blood Angels (2500 points). I actually still have these armies (!), plus a few Harlequins, some Sons of Horus, a Cassius Kill Team, and most recently a force of the Thousand Sons (1000 points).

My local GW manager, at some point, convinced me to give AoS a try – so I built an army around the Khorne Bloodbound from the starter set plus a few extra heroes (1000 points). I enjoyed a few games early on, but then didn’t do much with AoS until I purchased the General’s Handbook in December. It’s been the key to transforming my understanding of AoS and allowed me to enjoy its tactical subtleties.

I also just decided to start Ironjawz (1000 points) with the great Thunderfist box deal and a Maw-krusha. They’re nice models and great to paint. I wasn’t so sure about them tactically, as they initially seemed a bit one-dimensional, but their style has grown on me.

I’m also tempted to start an AoS Death Grand Alliance army featured around Arkhan the Black – I’ve always wanted a Mortach model and love the idea of the theme and Death synergies. On the other hand, I’m really looking for any news about new releases or Battletomes for Death – so I’m not sure about whether to wait or not!

My theme is not knowing what I’ll enjoy playing with until I’ve bought it. I’m also really slow/slack at painting, and haven’t finished a force properly yet. I’m aiming for Ironjawz to be the first – I’ve already started a thread on The Grand Alliance to help with motivation.

Anyway, I’m intending to use this blog to share some of my painting and games. Most of my games happen at home versus my partner at the moment (she’s got Space Wolves, Sylvaneth, Stormcast Eternals, and a few Skitarii and Tau), but I’ll also be playing a bit at the local GW. Looking forward to also better following others’ content as well!

Cheers! AK.